ArtHouse educational toy dollhouse

The toy building with storyboard walls!

ArtHouse is perfect for project based learning
across the curriculum & at all grade levels!
Students put characters in scenes with labels or captions, and display these storyboards in
interesting combinations.

ArtHouse is an efficient new way to make large,
easy-to-present dioramas. It's a great focal point
for student presentations and discussions.

Use "storyboard dioramas" to engage students
and improve your lessons. ArtHouse helps you
"push lessons up the taxonomy" to better develop
student analysis, synthesis & evaluation skills.

What I love best of all about ArtHouse is the
open-ended adaptability to become so many
different and individual play environments.
ArtHouse provides the backdrop, and children
fill in the blanks according to their age,
interest, skill and imagination.
- Julie Creighton, Parenting magazine

An all around toy for everyone. They
all loved it! I would highly recommend
this product for its exceptional quality
and educational value.
- Teachers' Choice Award

I am very pleased! ArtHouse allows children
to use their skill and imagination to bring
their visions to life.
- Tracey Barrios, Educational Regional Manager
ChildrenFirst Inc.

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Discover the fun new way to engage your kids in hands-on project based learning.
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Makes Learning Fun While Enriching Your Lessons.
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Easy Two Minute Assembly.
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