elementary school learning toys

Walls are well built yet easy to open & close.
The construction holds up well.

- Sylvia Bellanger, Site Coordinator
Audubon Educare (afterschool program)
Merritt Island, Florida

Absolutely a must in your classroom.
- Teachers' Choice Award

How Does ArtHouse Work?

The walls are like TupperWare™ containers for your artwork.
They click into place with strong hidden magnets.
Roof & floor are 11-ply birch wood, like quality school classroom furniture.
Wooden parts feature durable easy-to-clean acrylic finishes.
Easy-to-carry & compact-to-store in its luggage-style box.
elementary school learning toys

ArtHouse Provides Lasting Value By Empowering Young Artists!

Change one wall at a time, or all at once.
Play inside a new building every day.
Invent stories based on decorations.
Roof lifts away for play or presentations from above.
Display your original art. (See our Children's Art Gallery for ideas!)
ArtHouse Décor Kits are a fun and easy way to get started.