home decoration japanese style

Traditional Japanese Home™

ArtHouse accessory décor kit

"I love watching children learn about other cultures while actively engaging in fantasy play using the Traditional Japanese Home décor kit."
-- Karen Johnson, Lakeview Preschool, Oakland CA

The architecture, construction and decoration of Japanese traditional homes reflect an appreciation of disciplined order, fine craftsmanship, and a deep love for natural beauty. May we suggest these same values are evident in the best contemporary Japanese ("manga") comic books and ("anime") animation?

Inspired by popular anime titles like "Spirited Away" and "Princess Mononoke", our Traditional Japanese Home Décor Kit puts a colorful cast of anime cartoon characters into an elegant and authentic 19th Century home. Vibrant colors and unexpected details inspire imaginative play. (Printed on high-quality paper, these illustrations are suitable for framing.) The kit includes coloring book pages, paper dolls, wonderful tutorials that teach anime and manga art techniques, and social studies lessons (including vocabulary). A fun way to learn about Japanese culture and domestic arts!

(43 pages)

Free Sample (Coloring) - 245KB PDF
(permission granted for non-commercial use)

home decoration japanese style

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