Educational Uses of Storyboards

Storyboards are powerful teaching aids for all subjects and grade levels. Storyboards are combinations of images, labels, and captions that communicate facts, relationships and events. Simply put, storyboards tell stories! They're very valuable because all students benefit greatly from synthesizing their own interpretations of lessons and by presenting them in mixed-media formats.

ArtHouse is amazingly versatile because it displays lesson storyboards conveniently. ArtHouse makes it easy for individual students to contribute to elaborate group projects. Moreover, it gives presentations and discussions a "context" and "focal point". Ask students what they infer from storyboard to storyboard. Have them arrange storyboards in logical sequences. Show how inferences in sequence define the plot of a story or the outline of a presentation.

Beyond the obvious benefits of supporting specific lesson themes, using ArtHouse for "participatory storytelling" helps students:
 •  build confidence and skill for speaking in front of audiences
 •  learn a wide range of storytelling strategies and methods
 •  become familiar with traditional communication conventions and structures
 •  develop and exercise memory skills
 •  improve lateral thinking and problem-solving skills
 •  develop skills for working co-operatively with groups of peers
 •  encourage further research, reading and creative writing.

                      Painting In The Style of Jackson Pollock!

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Jackson Pollock Style Painting in Storyboard Template Create Your Own Miniature Museums!
Download and Print FREE Miniature Museum Exhibition Templates:
 •  Museum Scene with Artist Painting  (pdf 25KB)
 •  Museum Scene with Sculptor Sculpting  (pdf 24KB)
 •  Museum Scene with Curator / Guide  (pdf 120KB)
 •  Museum Scene with Security Guard  (pdf 27KB)
 •  Museum Scene: Celtic Art Exhibition  (pdf 38KB)
 •  Library Scene: Book Review Template  (pdf 36KB)
    (Note: Cut-out picture-area. Use template to frame & caption project art.)
Fine Art & Art History Lesson Plans and Ideas:
 •  M.C. Escher Inspired Project ("impossible structures" & tesselations)
 •  Paul Klee Inspired Lesson Plan (nifty use of watercolor crayons!)
 •  Henri Matisse Inspired Lesson Plan (scissor and composition skills)
 •  Piet Mondrian Inspired Lesson Plan (build geometry vocabulary)
 •  Jackson Pollock Inspired Lesson Plan (small scale abstract expressionism)

Two New Lesson Plans Presented at the NAGC and TAGT 2005 conferences Two Lessons That Are Especially Well-Suited For Gifted Programs:
as presented at the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)
and the Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented (TAGT)
2005 annual conferences.
        Design Your Own Coat-of-Arms    (Template)
        Telling New Stories with Medieval-Style Tapestries    (Template)
Lesson Plans & Ideas Presented at NAEYC 2004 Ten Childcare & After School Project Ideas:  as presented at the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) 2004 Conference.
Lesson Plans & Ideas Presented at NCSS 2004 Ten Social Studies Projects that meet State Standards:  as presented at the National Council of the Social Studies (NCSS) 2004 Conference.
Haiku poetry & Japanese culture storyboards grade level art activities A Language Arts Group Project:  haiku poetry & Japanese culture, with blown ink tree storyboards.
Mexican Day of the Dead A Social Studies Group Project:  Mexican Day of the Dead traditions, featuring "papel picado" storyboards. (Papel picado is the folk-art of tissue paper-cuts. This lesson is also an excellent introduction to the concept of "negative space".)
Download a FREE Papel Picado Pattern (with instructions)  (pdf 132KB)

Religious Education: stained glass storyboards lesson plan A Religious Education Lesson Plan:  a few simple tricks make this template based "stained-glass" storyboards project thought-provoking, easy-to-teach & surprisingly economical. Originally created to teach "Lives-of-the-Saints", this lesson plan is readily adaptable to other themes.

Religious Education: Jewish Traditions A Student Project on Jewish Bar Mitzvah Traditions  as presented at Baltimore's "Center for Jewish Education" 2005 annual conference.

"We were so impressed with the quality and durability
of ArtHouse, the open ended play it inspires and the
creativity it encourages, that we purchased 55, one for
each of our School Age Child Care Programs."

- Marilyn Simon, Program Development Coordinator
School Age Child Care
School Board of Brevard County Florida

"We use ArtHouse along with our project work. Its
flexibility allows the children to use it with whatever
project they are working on!"

- Glenna Gilliland, Program Coordinator
Bright Horizons Family Solutions
Toyota Children's Center