history of vikings

Viking Longhouse™

ArtHouse accessory décor kit

"A creative history project for small groups!"
-- Scholastic Instructor, 2004 Teacher Raves

Travel back to an age of adventure and boundless imagination!

The Viking Longhouse décor kit presents period artifacts, richly detailed with authentic decorations. It shows the home-life of a 10th century Danish Viking family, plus thrilling scenes outside the home as described in Viking folklore.

Pre-colored wall artwork will quickly redecorate your ArtHouse for immediate pretend play. Coloring book walls encourage personal interpretation. Art and social studies lessons inspire you to create and mix in your own made-from-scratch artwork. Young Vikings are guaranteed to love introductory lessons in interpreting runes, playing an authentic Viking board game called Hnefatafl (rules & playing board included), and dramatic play with nifty free-standing paper dolls. The Viking Longhouse décor kit makes learning about Vikings fun!

(42 pages)

Free Sample (Coloring) - 226KB PDF
(permission granted for non-commercial use)