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   Overview: ArtHouse Educational Toy Dollhouse

ArtHouse Supports Your Curriculum!

   Download and Print FREE Miniature Museum Exhibition Templates:
     Museum Scene (with illustration of a painter painting)
     Museum Scene (with illustration of a curator or guide)
     Museum Scene (with illustration of a security guard
     Museum Scene (with illustration of a sculptor sculpting a sculpture
     Museum Scene (for a Celtic art and history exhibition)
     Library Scene: Literature Circle Book Review Template

   Fine Art & Art History Lesson Plans and Ideas:
     Paul Klee Inspired Lesson Plan (pdf)
     Henri Matisse Inspired Lesson Plan (pdf)
     Piet Mondrian Inspired Lesson Plan (pdf)
     Jackson Pollock Inspired Lesson Plan (examples) (pdf)

   Social Studies Class Projects
     Social Studies: Mexican Day of the Dead Folkart (pdf)
       Social Studies: Blue Scissor-Cut Papel Picado
       Social Studies: Pink Knife-Cut Papel Picado
       Social Studies: La Ofrenda Altar
       Social Studies: Advanced Pink Knife-Cut Papel Picado
       Free Papel Picado Pattern (Easy) (with instructions)
       Free Papel Picado Pattern (Difficult) (with instructions)
     Social Studies: African Wildlife Diorama (pdf)
       Social Studies: Wildlife Preserve Diorama (Detail)
       Social Studies: Save-Our-Animals Posters
     Social Studies: Design Your Family-History Coat of Arms (pdf) (template)
     Social Studies: Telling New Stories Through Medieval-Style Tapestry Designs (pdf) (template) (examples)

   Language Arts: Haiku Poetry & Japanese Culture Lesson Plan (pdf)
     Language Arts / Creative Writing Project (Haiku Poetry & Straw-Blown Paintings):
     Tyrone      Jennifer      Shellie      Shawn      Kim
     Dean      Gopika      Joey      Staci      Kathleen

   Student Project: Using Vocabulary Labels for ELL and ESOL Lessons
   Student Project: "The Ultimate Play Therapy Dollhouse" is great for Art Therapy too!

   School-Age Childcare And After-School Programs
     Childcare Art Project Idea - incorporating digital photos in kids art

   Religious Education: The Jewish Bar Mitzvah Tradition (pdf)

   Religious Education: Saints and Stained Glass Windows
     Religious Education: Downloadable Lesson Plan
     Sample Stained-Glass Window Template
     Illustrations:      1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8      9

ArtHouse Educational Decor Kits
   Sample Panel - Firehouse Decor Kit
   Sample Panel - Country Cottage Decor Kit

   North American Horse Barn Decor Kit
     Package Front: North American Horse Barn Decor Kit
     ArtHouse Decorated with the North American Horse Barn Decor Kit
     Sample Panel - North American Horse Barn Decor Kit
     Sample Picture for Coloring - Horse Barn Kit

   Viking Longhouse Decor Kit
     Package Front: Viking Longhouse Decor Kit
     ArtHouse Decorated with the Viking Longhouse Decor Kit
     Sample Panel - Viking Longhouse Decor Kit
     Sample Picture for Coloring - Viking Longhouse Kit

   Traditional Japanese Home Decor Kit
     Package Front: Traditional Japanese Home Decor Kit
     ArtHouse Decorated with the Traditional Japanese Home Decor Kit
     Sample Panel - Traditional Japanese Home Decor Kit
     Sample Picture for Coloring - (Anime Style) Traditional Japanese Home Kit

ArtHouse Child's Art Gallery
ArtHouse Children's Art Gallery
ArtHouse Kids' Art Gallery
ArtHouse Student Art Gallery

   Child Artists:
   Alec    Angie    Anne    Betina    Betty    Brad    Brian    Cecily    Cindy    Claire
   Dawn    Dawson    Diane    Garrett(1)    Garrett(2)    Hannah    Jerome (pdf)    Jill
   Joy    Juan    Kate    Katherine    Kay    Kevin    Kristen    Madison    Mary
   Megan(1)    Megan(2)    Pernilla    Paul    Rebecca (pdf)    Richard    Sally Anne
   Sam (pdf)    Stacey    Susan    Susie    Tommy    Valerie    Zoe

   Adult Artists:
   Aimo Ahmed    Sarah Chesnutt    Lorraine Heller    Curtis Jacobson    Trish Land
   Frank Lerner    Julie Maren    Riima Pruitt    Alice Zinn

Storyboard Toys Press Releases
   Find, Read and Comment on the Latest in Art-Project-Based Lesson Plans and Teaching Aides
   National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) 2004 Brochure
   Booth Banner: to Debut at NAEYC and NCSS Educational Conferences
   Life Learning Magazine, January/February 2005
   Life Learning Magazine, November/December 2004
   Homeschool Enrichment Magazine, November/December 2004
   Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Summer 2004
   National Catholic Educators Association (NCEA)
   Lesson Plan: Learn About Saints While Making Stained-Glass Windows
   Flyer For Toy Fair 2004, Includes Expert Testimonials
   Ideas For Home-Made ArtHouse Wall Decorations
   Flyer For Schools and Childcare Centers Attending NAEYC 2003 Convention
   Storyboard Toys Announces New Accessory Decor Kits
   ArtHouse Wins "Parents' Choice" Award!
   Museum Store Magazine, Autumn 2003
   Edplay Magazine, July/August 2003
   ArtHouse Wins Dr. Toy "Best Children's Vacation Product" Award!
   Storyboard Toys Wins CIMTA's Silver Foot Award!

Press Coverage
   Edplay Magazine - "Make Room For More Dollhouses"
   KidZone Magazine - "Cool Picks"
   American Miniaturist Magazine - "A Great Dollhouse For A Growing Child"
   Working Mother Magazine - "Cool Toy"
   Learning Magazine - ArtHouse Wins Teachers' Choice Award
   Scholastic Instructor Magazine - "A Creative History Project"
   Edplay Magazine - "Perfect For Anyone Who Loves Both Horses and Art"
   Young Rider Magazine - "Introducing a New Horse Barn Kit"
   MetroKids Magazine - "Toy Test 2003 Winners"
   Lands End Business Outfitters Catalog - "Playful Yet Professional"
   Virginia Tech Alumni Magazine - "Toy Story"
   Miniature Collector Magazine - "A Unique Dollhouse Art Toy"
   Boulder Daily Camera Newspaper - "Artful Dollhouse" (1 of 2)
   Boulder Daily Camera Newspaper - "Artful Dollhouse" (2 of 2)


Awards Won By Storyboard Toys and ArtHouse

About Us: Storyboard Toys
   Photo & Caption: ArtHouse inventor Curtis Jacobson
   Photo & Caption: Curtis Jacobson's previous career at Volvo Trucks

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