doll house animal barn doll house animal barn

North American Horse Barn™

ArtHouse accessory décor kit

"Have you always dreamed of building a barn of your own? Now you can! All you need is this nifty Horse Barn Activity Kit [for ArtHouse] from Storyboard Toys."
-- Young Rider magazine, January/February 2004

If your model horses are in need of a stylish new home, this is the very best available! With play-ready full-color walls the stable kit will transform the appearance of your ArtHouse in mere minutes. This kit also comes with a big selection of "coloring-book" walls. Mix them in as you color them. Detailed art lessons are included to help you create your own decorations.

Designed to present a broad cross-section of horses, equestrian activities, and related interests, this décor kit includes fourteen pages of really cool educational materials. You'll learn fun facts about horse anatomy, the history of different breeds, and how horses have figured into art and culture. Whatever your equestrian dreams (dressage, hunting, jumping, trail riding, rodeo, etc.) this is the barn for you!

(42 pages)

Free Sample (Coloring) - 227KB PDF
(permission granted for non-commercial use)

doll house animal barn